Inaugural ROSE Training for Polling and Counting Agents (PACA) 2015

Experienced ROSE trainers kicked off the session with a quick introduction on the roles of PACAs ROSE  kicked off our  inaugural Polling and Counting (PACA) Training Session in Kuching  on the 27th June 2015 with 22 attentive participants of varying age-groups. Most were from Kuching and Bau areas while two came from as far as Betong, a good four hours away. The main part of the training was on the roles and responsibilities of a PA and CA on election day interspersed with voter education and rights.     Continue reading

Getting Sarawak Urbanites to Move ‘Beyond Kliktivism’

The following is a response piece by our member, Lynn Cheang for MalaysiaKini regarding the media's skewed coverage (here, here and here) on ROSE's public forum - 'Beyond Kliktivism':  Rise of Sarawak Efforts (Rose) organised its inaugural public forum entitled ‘Beyond Kliktivism’ on the evening of May 18, 2015 at the HIP Café, Kuching. It had a very good turnout of about 85 persons, mostly the young and from different backgrounds, but all urbanites. I was there as a volunteer with Rose to assist in books and T-shirt sales. Laura, the volunteer in charge of registration had made great efforts in contacting and reminding those who had pre-registered for the event to come on time and so they did. There was an excited buzz as the arriving crowd helped themselves to refreshment of lovely cheesecakes, chocolate cakes and bruschetas, accompanied by coffee and tea. One could sense the camaraderie of strangers and friends alike coming together in a such a socio-political set-up. Continue reading

Stampin Voters Object Again to SPR Electoral Re-delineation

29th April 2015 Once again, 116 voters from P196 Stampin being dissatisfied with the SPR's work of delineating the electoral boundaries of the state of Sarawak, submitted their objections at the close of the period designated for objections to SPR's revised recommendations in the '2nd display' on the 30th March 2015. Continue reading

EC Constituency Boundary Review Proposals Deeply Flawed; Violate International Conventions

5th February 2015 The end of the month-long objection period of the recent Constituency Boundary Review in Sarawak has shown that the Election Commission's (EC) current method and process of delimiting and delineating constituencies is deeply flawed. The record number of objections (56) this time round as opposed to only 26 in 2005, to the EC's proposals and one judicial review of the whole delimitation/delineation process (along with of possibilities of lawsuits to come) indicates deep voter dissatisfaction with the EC's current manner of undertaking constituency boundary reviews. The process - and indeed the EC itself - requires serious and substantive reforms. Continue reading

Civil Society Questions Rationale of SPR's Delineation Proposals

20th January 2015 Rise of Sarawak Efforts (ROSE), a group of concerned citizens, is unhappy with the un-equalised constituencies proposed by the Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) in its recent electoral delineation and delimitation exercise. Continue reading