Civil Action Group Urges S’wakians To Be Politically Aware

The Borneo Post · 17 Sep 2020

KUCHING: Rise of Social Efforts (ROSE) a civil action group has called on Sarawakians, particularly young or first time voters, to familiarise themselves with the political process, political parties, their ideology, manifesto and past history.

“Get to know or find out the background and mission of potential candidates for your own constituency or kawasan. This is part of the meaning of being responsible citizens as choosing leaders involves issues of trust and accountability,” ROSE said in its Malaysia Day message, as part of a pledge to uphold and advance democratic values and respond to the call for a more accountable leadership by empowering the youths and citizens.


The non-partisan group pointed out that the current health and economic challenges facing Malaysians require sound and bold leadership at all levels from local, state and federal governments.


“Closer to home in Sarawak, the people will by this year or first half of next year need to make an important decision ie. the choosing of our Yang Berkhidmat (representatives) in the Dewan Undangan Negeri in the coming 12th state election.


“Indirectly or directly, the decision will need us to consider the questions of federal–state relation- ship, the on-going negotiations regarding Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) and devolution or de-centralisation of powers, past treatments and allocations of resources and wealth for development, whether equitable or not, rural neglect and underserved communities or districts, and a transparent, responsible and accountable government,” it added in the message.


Apart from that, ROSE opined that no less important is the need to assess the bread and butter issues facing Sarawakians daily, unemployment and lack of opportunities or low wages, lack of infrastructure and basic healthcare.


“As we ponder on the founding of our country Malaysia in 1963 and what our forefathers had in their minds and their vision for the then new nation, it is not too late to start educating our young responsibly on this part of our history. “We wonder if the state of Malaysia today met their expectations or dreams for Malaysia. If the answer is no, then it becomes our responsibility, each one, to carve, create and build the future we want,” ROSE added.

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