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September 22, 2019


Selamat Hari Malaysia dear friends and supporters!

To those who had supported us in our last fund-raising campaign in August 2017, many thanks once again! Your contributions matched & supported our efforts and we witnessed the historic 14th General Elections. To see what we had achieved, do read our “Year in Review-2018” post (link at end of letter**).  Below are some updates.

2019 Updates

(Photo credit : Fabrizio Belardetti)

1. Approval by Registrar of Societies

R.O.S.E. was officially registered with the Registrar of Societies in April 2019 under the name of Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat (PPDM). However, unofficially, we continue to use the acronym R.O.S.E - Rise of Social Efforts. This registration is of significance as it validates our status as a civil society organization in any collaboration with governmental agencies and also in funding strategies.

2. New Voters Registration

Several ROSE members were appointed as Assistant Registration Officers with the Elections Commission under the Bersih 2.0 banner. This was done prior to the passage of Undi 18 and automatic voter registration which is not expected to be in time for the coming Sarawak State Election. Moreover, some have given feedback that the online registration procedure by EC is not user friendly, thus discouraging usage. Hence for Sarawak, manual voter registration must continue leading up to PRN12. For semi-rural and rural areas we have identified and appointed ‘Local Champions’ from about 12 ‘kawasan’ throughout Sarawak to work with us to capture those eligible but unregistered. To date, we have helped to register about 1,000 new voters this year.

3.  Civic and Voter Education programmes and initiatives

i.   Our “Chat with R.O.S.E” public forum was held on 28 April 2019 at the Summer Mall in Kota Samarahan on the topic: Youth & Employment with panelists Datuk Idris Buang, Information Head of PBB/ADUN of Muara Tuang and Mr Andrew Lo, Secretary of MTUC Sarawak who is also an activist and unionist. More than 100 people attended this forum.

ii.   We organised a Voters Education session on 20th June for 80 students of UCSI Kuching Campus in collaboration with Akademi Pilihan Raya KL whose trainer facilitated the session.

If Not Now, Then When? If Not You, Then Who?

Current/ Planned Projects

  1. Radio talk shows with RTM Radio Sarawak - in line with our strategic plan on voter education, we reached agreement with them for a monthly radio slot (pre-recorded) on civic and voter education of 30 minutes each and for the episodes to commence from October 2019 – March 202 This would mean a total of about 36 episodes. Besides the creation of jingles and infomercials, we also target to broadcast the episodes through other means after each release by RTM. The talking points are being written and we are scouting for Iban and Bahasa voices for the programme. The radio talk-show will be titled “Berloyar Undi”. ‘Berloyar’ means sembang in local Sarawak Malay
  2. Production of GOTV short videos - a series of three (3) videos aimed at relaying the message of the value and importance of the vote, going out to vote and coming back to Sarawak to vote. These will be released over social media in stages in the lead-up to the elections. This may be preceded by conducting a survey among youths in order to refine and target the messages to be relayed through these videos.


We are now seemingly at the lowest ebb in terms of sentiments in the post GE14 era. There continues to be a deficit of trust and hope that real lasting change is around the corner. However we all need to continue making the right choices; help ROSE do the things that matter! Choose to build communities of informed & active citizens who engages to make Democracy work.

We need about RM44,000  to carry out the above two (2) projects:-

  • Production & broadcast of thirty-six (36) episodes of Talk-Shows in collaboration with RTM Radio Sarawak (RM20,000 ); and
  • Production of three (3) short video productions to encourage and get people to go out to vote at PRN12 (RM24,000 ).

Why not celebrate Hari Malaysia by making your contributions? Kindly bank-in or transfer to our account as follows:

Bank Name      :CIMB Bank Berhad  

Account Name    : Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat

Account Number: 8603651618

Please email us a copy of your bank-in slip/cheque to [email protected] for accounts purposes or whatsapp the slip to our number 014-3984998

Join us in transforming Ibu Pertiwiku today!


Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat

Ann Teo

President 2019-2021


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