Imperiled Democracy

Despite winning the popular vote and forming the government of the day, and getting on with the job of governing, fulfilling its manifesto including institutional reforms, certain politicians within the ruling coalition has chosen to betray the peoples’ mandate given to them in the last PRU.

ROSE is more than disappointed and watch with horror at the emerging news of a backdoor government being formed without going back to the rakyat or citizens for a fresh mandate. We strongly condemn such political manoeuvring and defying of the said mandate.
If such were to happen, democracy in this country will be hanging on by a thread not to mention other fallouts in terms of our daily well-being and national psyche.

We are particularly disappointed as our work all this while has been to uphold principles of democracy including voter empowerment thru education and advocacy on access to and voting rights, facilitating and encouraging citizens’ participation in democratic processes etc.
In spite of and despite what is happening, the people should know and hang onto the principle that politicians do not make the choice for us. Ultimately we as rakyat have the legitimate right to choose a government in a parliamentary democracy.

In order not suffer the wrath of Malaysians in the next elections, we as part of civil society, condemn such negotiations or manoeuvring and call on those PH MPs to return to the path of rebuilding Malaysia.

Exco of Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat
24th Feb 2020

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  • Kit Har Pang
    commented 2020-02-25 15:47:40 +0800
    Hear, hear!
    Like ROSE, I was appalled. It shocked me to find out that those “WhatsApp whispers” are true after all. And that there were Sarawak MPs among the “Backdoor Boys” ! How disillusioning.

    You are right : they will just have to come to their senses, and get back to serving their electorate!
  • Rose Sarawak
    published this page in News & Stories 2020-02-24 12:10:11 +0800