N12 Kota Sentosa



Full Name : Wilfred Yap Yau Sin

DOB : 18 October 1966

Highest Educational Qualification : Masters of Environmental Management (Development Planning) (UNIMAS); B.Soc.Sc (Hons)(Law & Politics)(Keele Uni, U.K)

Political Party : SUPP


Why did you decide to enter politics?

My purpose of involving myself in politics is to be useful, to be compassionate and to make a difference. I stand for Social Justice and I strive to work for and with the people to achieve our aspirations for a better life for ourselves and our children. I will fight for equal economic, social and political rights and opportunities that rightfully belong to us regardless of race or religion.

What is the fondest memory you have of your childhood?

Spending 5 years as a Choir Boy in St Thomas Cathedral from 1980 to 1985

If you are elected as our ADUN, which is the biggest issue that you would like to tackle first in YOUR constituency and how would you do it?

1. Set up and operate a functioning One Stop Service Centre;

2. Secure funding and approval for:-

(a) construction of new hawker centre at Hui Sing area

(b) construction of a flyover at 6th Ml, Penrissen Road

(c) construction of a drain diversion tunnel and upgrading of existing drains at Jalan Durian Burung (next to Gala City, Jalan Tun Jugah)

(d) upgrading of earth drains to concrete drains and upgrading of main road at BDC Resettlement Scheme

(e) upgrading and road expansion of Lrg 3, Jln Stakan to serve as a diversion road to ease traffic congestion for motorists wanting to by-pass Kota Sentosa Commercial area

3. Securing funds for repairs and upgrading the facilities of all community halls and schools in N12 Kota Sentosa

4. To fight for more affordable housing to cater to the expanding population of N12 Kota Sentosa

5. Ensure police presence and frequency of police patrols in N12 Kota Sentosa is increased and in addition to secure funding for installation of CCTVs in hot spot areas especially in the commercial areas.

6. Generally to secure more development funding to upgrade all the existing infrastructure facilities in N12 Kota Sentosa to enhance its competitive edge thereby increasing job opportunities and also make N12 Kota Sentosa the happening place for its residents to live and work.

What is your favourite Sarawakian food or drink?

Sarawak Laksa and Kolok Mee

Describe the Sarawak you want to see in 10 years.

I want to see a modern and developed Sarawak where Sarawakians are the prime decision makers (i.e) more autonomy for Sarawak in Education, Economy and in Government Administration. I hope to see Sarawak getting more royalty and in this regards, at least 15%.

Is there anything else you want to say to young voters?

I hope the younger voters will not vote based on emotions but vote intelligently based on the candidate who can best fulfill their aspirations for a progressive and developed N12 Kota Sentosa in terms of job opportunities and living environment.


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