Launch of statewide youth voter outreach via Bengkel Kesedaran Demokrasi bersama Belia Sarawak 2020/2021

In line with the implementation of the UNDI 18 policy and automatic voter registration estimated to be in July 2021, ROSE-Rise of Social Efforts has launched a special voter education initiative for young Sarawakians who will reach the age of eligibility as a voter(18 yo) or who will vote for the very first in the next election.

“Our workshop is entitled Democracy Awareness Workshop with Sarawak Youth. Amongst the objectives are to prepare and equip  youths including rural youths with information on the country's system of governance and democratic processes. Secondly on the roles and responsibilities of youths as Malaysian citizens, as well as Sarawakians, in democratic processes and as voters during elections" said a spokesman for ROSE.


The first session with ABIM and IKRAM youth members was successfully held in Kuching and Kota Samarahan last weekend. The majority of participants are 20 years old and below. Participation from this group is very encouraging and all participated actively in the sessions which included role-playing and election simulation. One of the participants shared her views "This workshop presentation is enlightening gave me a good overview of the workings of our Malaysian constitutional monarchy and the Westminster model of parliamentary system or government as a whole. Hope that ROSE will organise more of such workshops to promote awareness and knowledge among youths in Sarawak as such programmes are lacking in our community."


Next, ROSE will bring this workshop to several central and northern districts of Sarawak. The next workshop will be in Sibu to be held on the 19 December 2020 at Medan Hotel, Sibu followed by Miri (3 January 2021), Mukah (9 January 2021), Samarahan (16 January 2021), Kuching (17 January 2021), and finally in Betong (23 January 2021) ”. The workshop is half a day from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. We will also assist to register new voters at each of these venues or outreach.

We hope that young people from rural areas will also have the opportunity to come and participate in this interactive and interesting workshop.


According to a ROSE spokesperson, participation in the workshop is free and there is no charge. He also added that any youths aged 15 to 30 years regardless of background, whether still studying or already working are most welcome to participate in the workshop. 

In particular we welcome participants from skills colleges or institutions of higher learning, any youth-based groups, NGOs and other faith-based organizations who may be interested in the workshop to register their students or youth members for this workshop at the appropriate venue.


For those who are interested in participating in the workshops, you can register by completing the google registration form at The location and time of the workshop are stated on the entry form.


The number of participants for this workshop is limited and we advise any young person interested in joining this workshop to register as soon as possible.

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