Image source: Unsplash Although we welcome the loosening of the entry restrictions into Sarawak issued by the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) on Saturday 16th October 2021, we query the discriminatory nature of the ruling/SOP when it was amended on Sunday, 17 October 2021. The latest ruling/SOP exempts fully vaccinated Sarawakians, Sarawakians born in other states, non-Sarawakian spouses, federal civil servants, those with valid work permits and holders of Sarawak MM2H visa from applying for permission to enter the state at the Enter Sarawak website. All other Malaysians must first apply for permission to enter Sarawak at the Enter Sarawak website prior to even flying.   What really is the reason for this discriminatory requirement? Since no RTK nor PCR tests are required anymore (save for foreigners), does this latest discriminatory ruling assume that only Sarawakians, and the categories stated above (as compared with all other non-Sarawakians) travelling from other states are immune from Covid 19 infection?   This SOP also makes a mockery of SDMC’s expertise.  Surely with the many public health experts (we assume) advising them, the SDMC would have by now gathered enough scientific data and information about Covid 19 virus to inform the necessary public health and movement protocols put in place by SDMC. The virus does not discriminate infecting people on the basis of their place of birth/which state you are from.   Sadly, the discriminatory nature of this SOP also contradicts the state’s intention to attract domestic tourism in wanting to reopen the state’s economy. If any sector has been crushed by this COVID-19 pandemic, it is our tourism sector. Hence, why is SDMC being so heartless in denying our state’s tourism industry access to desperately needed business? Why make ourselves less competitive?   Surely #ReopeningSafely must also mean #ReopeningFairly. We call upon SDMC to immediately allow all fully vaccinated Malaysians to enter the state without having to apply.   These relaxed conditions of entry into Sarawak for only Sarawakians also suggests that the State Government expects Sarawakians to fly back to vote in the upcoming state elections. However, this does not mean that they - the Sarawakian-registered voters who reside in other states of Malaysia - are guaranteed to travel back due to travel costs and the need to take time off from work. Indeed, many have suffered too much financial setbacks these past two years to be able to do this.   Making non-Sarawakians apply to enter the State in the manner set out in the recently revised rule/SOP also suggests that SDMC can now act in an arbitrary manner in deciding who can and who cannot enter Sarawak. It also leaves us to speculate that this rule means that the SDMC can bar entries of election volunteers and helpers who are not Sarawakians but who are coming to Sarawak for legitimate political activity during an election. Will SDMC bar them but admit GPS-friendly helpers? How else does one read this latest discriminatory rule that is not in harmony with the science  on how COVID spreads?   Thus, instead of SDMC playing a professional role to manage and control the risks associated with the spread of the Covid 19 virus, it now is acting like some quasi-immigration authority guided by protocols that are not based on the science.   This is also the time to remind the State Government that to hold the Sarawak elections before the end of 2021 is to deny and suppress the votes of more than 600,000 new Sarawakian voters who will only get onto the electoral roll upon implementation of Undi 18 and AVR.   19th October 2021 Statement released by Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat (R.O.S.E.)     Media contact person: Ann Teo (President) 0168604998

ROSE -Malaysia Day Message

We celebrate Malaysia’s 58th year as a nation with sombre examination of the present times; difficult times that our people are going through in this pandemic but also with an expectation and hope that it will be a better tomorrow for all of us including those of us here in Sarawak. Firstly, we pay tribute to Malaysians in the frontlines and their families who have endured, persevered and sacrifice much to stem the virus the last 18 months only to be greeted with the emergence of variants that seek to ravage more lives. We pray for renewed strength, health and wisdom to be given to you so that you won’t give up. Needless to say the frequent changes of federal government has caused disruptions in policies which in turn has adversely impacted our economy and also the livelihoods of the ordinary man and women. We have also learnt that a declaration of an Emergency has come no where near to stop politicking. We thus welcome the historic occasion of the signing of an MOU for Transformation and Political Stability between the new Ismail Sabri government and Pakatan Harapan parties on the 13th Sept 2021. We are hopeful that this confidence and supply arrangement/understanding will enable government (and opposition) to focus on policies to re-build our country back to pre-pandemic levels but in the new normal. The MOU also consist of overdue administrative, institutional and parliamentary reforms such as Undi18 and AVR, anti-party hopping law and equal constituency development funding. The MOU can only be a good thing for all Malaysian voters if parties to it keeps to their understanding; with the Opposition still playing the role of check, balance and scrutiny of the government but at the same time not bringing down the present government through a numbers game. We have noted that GPS has welcomed the point on allocation of equal constituency development funds for Opposition members in the MOU and ROSE calls on the Sarawak state government to also adopt such policy and work out a formula that benefits all voters and not just voters with ADUNs in government. Of particular interest for us here in Sarawak is the clause to strengthen the efforts to implementation and realization of the terms of the Malaysia Agreement 1963. The frequent changes in government, changes in committees or councils and has left us sceptical and disillusioned on whether or not these talks on devolution of powers to the state is on the right track. All developments pertaining to the achievement of the terms of this MOU will be carefully watched and scrutinised by civil society including ROSE. We wish all peace-loving Malaysians a Selamat Hari Malaysia! Anak Sarawak, Anak Malaysia 16th Sept 2021   https://www.theborneopost.com/2021/09/17/rose-urges-gps-to-emulate-putrajaya-in-allocating-devt-funds-to-opposition/

SPR, Prioritize Sarawakians' Safety and Democratic Rights

    The Yang Di Pertuan Agung has last night proclaimed that a grave emergency exists in Sarawak and this proclaimation shall extend throughout the whole state from 2nd August 2021 to 2nd Feb 2022. As widely expected and with a stroke of a pen the Dewan Undangan Negeri is given another lease of life until Feb next year and the state elections has been postponed yet again. 1. This begs the question of whether we are entrenching the precedent of postponing elections by proclaimation of an emergency? If so, it certainly sets a bad precedent; it means that our political leaders  including our country’s important institution  ie. our election management body, SPR, cannot see or envisage conducting a safe election during the Covid pandemic era. 2. They have failed to use the period of the national emergency (7 months) to adapt and innovate towards ensuring safe elections for future disasters and crisis and we hope they do not waste another 6 months of this Sarawak emergency. They can use this 6 months to show that they are progressive, independent and world class by setting out their plans. After all, the current instability of the Federal government does mean they have to be prepared for a General Election anytime after the 1st August 2021. At such times of public health crisis and pandemic, we the rakyat needs a people-oriented, accountable, transparent and prepared government (be it national or state) and our rights to choose our government at regular intervals via safe and inclusive elections should be protected and guaranteed. UNLESS AND UNTIL the mechanisms for safe elections for Sarawak are put in place NOW, elections at any time now or 6 months down the road is going to be risky. The sooner we wake up to the fact that Covid 19 virus  is likely to become endemic and full vaccinations (2 doses) will not completely protect us from getting infected with the virus, the better. If does become endemic it will no longer be good enough for decision-makers to say “we will have our elections when we reach herd-immunity”. 3.Despite many lessons that it could have learnt from the 128 countries who conducted their elections between the period of 21.02.2020 to 21.07.2021  it has not revealed their plans for making elections safe and inclusive, in particular the measures and methods to counter travel and movement restrictions so as to encourage voter turnout and participation.  Specifically, we are referring to Special Voting Arrangements that enables voters to cast their vote without turning up in person at the Polling Station on Polling Day. They include postal voting, advance voting, mobile voting, proxy voting and even electronic voting. There are also many ways to enable safe campaigning to take place.   Statement by Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat. (ROSE) 31st July 2021        

EC should draw up plans for safe state polls, say Sarawak civil society groups

KUCHING: Civil society groups in Sarawak are calling on the Election Commission (EC) to come up with standard operating procedures (SOP) for the next state election to be held safely once the state legislative assembly is dissolved. This comes after the state government said it was leaving it to the wisdom of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to decide on an appropriate date for the dissolution in accordance with the King's powers during the Emergency period from Jan 11 to Aug 1. In a virtual audience with state leaders on Tuesday (May 25), Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah advised the state government to continue functioning as usual after the state legislature's expiry on June 6 with powers vested under the Emergency (Essential Orders) Ordinance 2021, in view of the worrying Covid-19 situation. Rise of Sarawak Efforts president Ann Teo said the King's advice was not unexpected as Sarawak's Covid-19 numbers were among the highest in the country. However, she said the EC should speed up its preparations for the state to face an election safely if the pandemic continues. "This can include planning and adopting robust absentee voting mechanisms to reduce voter movement, such as postal voting and advance voting. "Other things to make voting safer include holding campaigns online, with equal time to be given to each political party to speak on state or national television and radio," she said on Wednesday (May 26). Teo also expressed concern over the concentration of power in the executive during the Emergency as the state legislature's sittings were suspended. "If the present government continues to be in power until such a time as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong says that the state assembly is dissolved, we are looking at an extended term of government without accountability as there is no legislative sitting," she said. Simon Siah from Lawyer Kamek for Change concurred that the EC must come up with extensive SOP for the election, such as no house-to-house campaigning or public ceramah, putting in place postal voting for Sarawakians staying in Peninsular Malaysia or Sabah, and staggering voting hours. "In my opinion, the democratic process must continue with proper SOP put in place. "This has been done in other countries such as Singapore, the United States and Britain," he said. Siah also cautioned that prolonging the Emergency would give the ruling coalition "unfettered powers" over the state. "We are currently unable to project what the situation will be in the next few months or even years. "The Emergency can be extended using the convenient reason that cases are still high," he said, adding that more robust measures were needed to counter the spread of Covid-19. Continue reading

Hak Mengundi Rakyat Malaysia Berusia 18 tahun; Umpama Rompakan di Siang Hari

Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat (R.O.S.E) menolak sekeras-kerasnya keputusan SPR yang menangguhkan pelaksanaan Undi 18 dan daftar pengundi automatik (AVR) kepada September 2022. Polisi tersebut seharusnya dilaksanakan pada Julai 2021. Continue reading

Pendaftaran pengundi 18 tahun secara automatik jadi atau tidak ?

Pendaftaran Pengundi 18 Tahun Secara Automatik Jadi atau Tidak ? PUTRAJAYA: Kepemimpinan Pa­katan Harapan (PH) terlalu tergesa-gesa membuat keputusan mela­yakkan anak muda berusia 18 tahun secara auto­matik menjadi pengundi ketika meminda perundangan tertinggi negara sebelum ini.\ Continue reading


Greetings! As we write this review for the Year 2020, several unprecedented events came to mind. Continue reading

NGO disagrees with emergency as way of suspending polls

KUCHING: Rise of Social Efforts (ROSE) has expressed its disagreement on the declaration of a state of emergency as a way of suspending elections. “Elections are the way that democracies choose the government of the day. Other countries have shown that it is possible to conduct safe elections in this time of the pandemic,” said its president Ann Teo when contacted by New Sarawak Tribune. Continue reading

Launch of statewide youth voter outreach via Bengkel Kesedaran Demokrasi bersama Belia Sarawak 2020/2021

In line with the implementation of the UNDI 18 policy and automatic voter registration estimated to be in July 2021, ROSE-Rise of Social Efforts has launched a special voter education initiative for young Sarawakians who will reach the age of eligibility as a voter(18 yo) or who will vote for the very first in the next election. Continue reading

ROSE against holding S’wak polls in midst of Covid-19 third wave

5 Oct 2020 KUCHING: Any move to call for a Sarawak state election during a time when the country is facing another outbreak of Covid-19 would be highly irresponsible, said Rise of Social Efforts (ROSE) president Ann Teo. Continue reading