Civil Action Group Urges S’wakians To Be Politically Aware

The Borneo Post · 17 Sep 2020 KUCHING: Rise of Social Efforts (ROSE) a civil action group has called on Sarawakians, particularly young or first time voters, to familiarise themselves with the political process, political parties, their ideology, manifesto and past history. Continue reading

Terus Bertenang dan Daftar Undi: Di Matang Mall Hujung Minggu ini

Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat (ROSE) akan membuka kaunter pendaftaran pengundi baharu di Matang Mall, Matang pada Sabtu & Ahad ini -29 Februari dan 1 Mac 2020. Kaunter akan dibuka dari jam 11 pagi sehingga 7 malam. Orang ramai yang berusia 21 tahun dan keatas dijemput untuk mendaftarkan diri sebagai pengundi baharu pada masa dan hari tersebut. Continue reading

Imperiled Democracy

Despite winning the popular vote and forming the government of the day, and getting on with the job of governing, fulfilling its manifesto including institutional reforms, certain politicians within the ruling coalition has chosen to betray the peoples’ mandate given to them in the last PRU. Continue reading

Kaunter Pendaftaran Pengundi Baharu dibuka di Matang Mall pada 1 dan 2 Februari 2020

Semua anak Sarawak yang berusia 21 tahun dan keatas yang masih belum mendaftarkan diri sebagai pengundi disarankan untuk buat sedemikian secepat mungkin.  Penganjur Program, Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat atau R.O.S.E.-Rise of Social Efforts akan membuka kaunter pendaftaran pengundi baharu di Matang Mall, Matang bermula dari pukul 11 pagi sehingga pukul 7 malam pada 1-2hb Febuari 2020.    Continue reading

Make #UndiLuarKawasan possible for S'wakians

LETTER | In an attempt to study and gauge the responses of Sarawakian voters with voting addresses in Sarawak but working and studying outside of the state towards absentee voting reforms, Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat recently ran an online public survey via a Google questionnaire shared over social media. Continue reading

New voter registration taking place at Aeon Mall this weekend

KUCHING: Individuals aged 21 and above who have yet to register as voters are urged to do so at a voter registration drive which will be held at Aeon Mall here today (Nov 30) and tomorrow (Dec 1). Organised by Rise of Social Efforts (ROSE), the campaign will run from 11am to 7pm and is aimed at encouraging all Sarawakians aged 21 and above to register themselves as voters in light of the next state election, which is due mid-2021. Continue reading

Donate & Support ROSE!

September 22, 2019 LETTER OF APPEAL Selamat Hari Malaysia dear friends and supporters! To those who had supported us in our last fund-raising campaign in August 2017, many thanks once again! Your contributions matched & supported our efforts and we witnessed the historic 14th General Elections. To see what we had achieved, do read our “Year in Review-2018” post (link at end of letter**).  Below are some updates. 2019 Updates (Photo credit : Fabrizio Belardetti) 1. Approval by Registrar of Societies R.O.S.E. was officially registered with the Registrar of Societies in April 2019 under the name of Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat (PPDM). However, unofficially, we continue to use the acronym R.O.S.E - Rise of Social Efforts. This registration is of significance as it validates our status as a civil society organization in any collaboration with governmental agencies and also in funding strategies. 2. New Voters Registration Several ROSE members were appointed as Assistant Registration Officers with the Elections Commission under the Bersih 2.0 banner. This was done prior to the passage of Undi 18 and automatic voter registration which is not expected to be in time for the coming Sarawak State Election. Moreover, some have given feedback that the online registration procedure by EC is not user friendly, thus discouraging usage. Hence for Sarawak, manual voter registration must continue leading up to PRN12. For semi-rural and rural areas we have identified and appointed ‘Local Champions’ from about 12 ‘kawasan’ throughout Sarawak to work with us to capture those eligible but unregistered. To date, we have helped to register about 1,000 new voters this year. 3.  Civic and Voter Education programmes and initiatives i.   Our “Chat with R.O.S.E” public forum was held on 28 April 2019 at the Summer Mall in Kota Samarahan on the topic: Youth & Employment with panelists Datuk Idris Buang, Information Head of PBB/ADUN of Muara Tuang and Mr Andrew Lo, Secretary of MTUC Sarawak who is also an activist and unionist. More than 100 people attended this forum. ii.   We organised a Voters Education session on 20th June for 80 students of UCSI Kuching Campus in collaboration with Akademi Pilihan Raya KL whose trainer facilitated the session. If Not Now, Then When? If Not You, Then Who? Continue reading

Media Statement from SPR on #UNDI 18

The Chairperson of SPR has recently clarified that the constitutional amendments on Undi 18 has yet to be gazetted and as such the existing rules on new voter registration still applies. Only those 21 years and above can register as a new voter through any of the allowable methods including the online one. Additionally the anticipated automatic voter registration process implementation is estimated to take between 18- 24 months for implementation. You may read his statement here SPR Penjelasan Berkaitan #UNDI 18. Hence whether or not 18 year old can vote in the coming Sarawak state elections (PRN12) is not yet known at this stage. What we do advise is that those who are currently 21 and above to register as voter NOW in order that they will be able to vote when the time comes.

Sarawak-based CSO wants automatic voter registration in place before next state polls

"This is an increase of 820,000 from the roll as at GE14. We thus call on the Pakatan Harapan government and relevant agencies to ensure implementation of automatic voter registration and the other amendments in time for the coming 12th Sarawak state elections due in 2021," ROSE president Ann Teo said. KUCHING: The Federal Government and relevant agencies should implement automatic voter registration in time for the next Sarawak state election due in two years' time, says a Sarawak-based civil society organisation. Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat (ROSE) said lowering the voting age to 18 and automatic voter registration would increase the number of registered voters in Sarawak from 1.22 million during GE14 last year to 2.04 million. "This is an increase of 820,000 from the roll as at GE14. We thus call on the Pakatan Harapan government and relevant agencies to ensure implementation of automatic voter registration and the other amendments in time for the coming 12th Sarawak state elections due in 2021," ROSE president Ann Teo said in a statement on Wednesday (July 17). She congratulated the Dewan Rakyat for unanimously passing a Bill to amend the Federal Constitution on Tuesday (July 16) to lower the voting age, allow automatic voter registration and lower the minimum age for elected representatives to 18, saying this would increase youth participation in Malaysia's democracy. "Now the responsibility and the job lie with the experts in the agencies concerned, like the Election Commission, National Registration Department, police and Armed Forces to sort out the technicalities and roll out and implement the changes in the law," she said. Teo also said it was equally important for young people to know their democratic rights and roles as citizens and voters. "For real enfranchisement of the young, it is imperative for relevant agencies and stakeholders to deliver comprehensive voter information and education, including civic and citizenship education starting from secondary school," she said. As a next step, she called on the Federal Government to conduct another delineation exercise of constituencies in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. This needs to be done to address the issue of malapportionment in electoral constituencies as well as the increase in the electoral roll by as much as 7.8 million voters nationwide, she said. Article reproduced from The Star, 22 July 2019. Credits to Sharon Ling.

Shaping A Better Narrative

Teo hoped to see greater civic and political literacy among Sarawakians. People should be empowered by knowledge, she said, to engage their elected representatives, whichever party they belong to, relevant government agencies and policy-makers to solve problems, advance a particular cause or make them more accountable. POLITICAL rhetoric in Sarawak has lately been dominated by the issue of state rights and autonomy, even more so since the change of government at federal level last May. In the aftermath of GE14, the ruling state coalition quit Barisan Nasional and rebranded itself as Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS), an independent coalition of Sarawak parties unreservedly championing state-centric policies and interests under its rallying cry of "Sarawak First". Continue reading