Greetings! As we write this review for the Year 2020, several unprecedented events came to mind. Continue reading

NGO disagrees with emergency as way of suspending polls

KUCHING: Rise of Social Efforts (ROSE) has expressed its disagreement on the declaration of a state of emergency as a way of suspending elections. “Elections are the way that democracies choose the government of the day. Other countries have shown that it is possible to conduct safe elections in this time of the pandemic,” said its president Ann Teo when contacted by New Sarawak Tribune. Continue reading

Launch of statewide youth voter outreach via Bengkel Kesedaran Demokrasi bersama Belia Sarawak 2020/2021

In line with the implementation of the UNDI 18 policy and automatic voter registration estimated to be in July 2021, ROSE-Rise of Social Efforts has launched a special voter education initiative for young Sarawakians who will reach the age of eligibility as a voter(18 yo) or who will vote for the very first in the next election. Continue reading

ROSE against holding S’wak polls in midst of Covid-19 third wave

5 Oct 2020 KUCHING: Any move to call for a Sarawak state election during a time when the country is facing another outbreak of Covid-19 would be highly irresponsible, said Rise of Social Efforts (ROSE) president Ann Teo. Continue reading

Civil Action Group Urges S’wakians To Be Politically Aware

The Borneo Post · 17 Sep 2020 KUCHING: Rise of Social Efforts (ROSE) a civil action group has called on Sarawakians, particularly young or first time voters, to familiarise themselves with the political process, political parties, their ideology, manifesto and past history. Continue reading

Terus Bertenang dan Daftar Undi: Di Matang Mall Hujung Minggu ini

Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat (ROSE) akan membuka kaunter pendaftaran pengundi baharu di Matang Mall, Matang pada Sabtu & Ahad ini -29 Februari dan 1 Mac 2020. Kaunter akan dibuka dari jam 11 pagi sehingga 7 malam. Orang ramai yang berusia 21 tahun dan keatas dijemput untuk mendaftarkan diri sebagai pengundi baharu pada masa dan hari tersebut. Continue reading

Imperiled Democracy

Despite winning the popular vote and forming the government of the day, and getting on with the job of governing, fulfilling its manifesto including institutional reforms, certain politicians within the ruling coalition has chosen to betray the peoples’ mandate given to them in the last PRU. Continue reading

Kaunter Pendaftaran Pengundi Baharu dibuka di Matang Mall pada 1 dan 2 Februari 2020

Semua anak Sarawak yang berusia 21 tahun dan keatas yang masih belum mendaftarkan diri sebagai pengundi disarankan untuk buat sedemikian secepat mungkin.  Penganjur Program, Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat atau R.O.S.E.-Rise of Social Efforts akan membuka kaunter pendaftaran pengundi baharu di Matang Mall, Matang bermula dari pukul 11 pagi sehingga pukul 7 malam pada 1-2hb Febuari 2020.    Continue reading

Make #UndiLuarKawasan possible for S'wakians

LETTER | In an attempt to study and gauge the responses of Sarawakian voters with voting addresses in Sarawak but working and studying outside of the state towards absentee voting reforms, Persatuan Pemangkin Daya Masyarakat recently ran an online public survey via a Google questionnaire shared over social media. Continue reading

New voter registration taking place at Aeon Mall this weekend

KUCHING: Individuals aged 21 and above who have yet to register as voters are urged to do so at a voter registration drive which will be held at Aeon Mall here today (Nov 30) and tomorrow (Dec 1). Organised by Rise of Social Efforts (ROSE), the campaign will run from 11am to 7pm and is aimed at encouraging all Sarawakians aged 21 and above to register themselves as voters in light of the next state election, which is due mid-2021. Continue reading