ROSE condemns #UndiRabu for GE14



ROSE condemns the decision and announcement by SPR that Polling Day for GE14 would fall mid-week on a working day as it is effectively disenfranchising voters in particular those of Sabah and Sarawak. They have yet to give a cogent and credible reason for fixing the said date on a mid-week. Instead of encouraging voter turnout on this very important day, such a move flies in the face of what an election commission would be expected to uphold; access to the right to vote the government of the day.

Many of whom either work in west malaysia and singapore or in the bigger cities in towns but whose polling stations is in the kampung. We therefore appeal to all employers in the private sector in particular those who have staff or workers who will need to 'balik kampung' in order to cast their vote to give them sufficient time off to go back to perform their civic duty as citizens in choosing the next or new government. We would also like to echo Bersih 2.0’s appeal to the Federal govt to declare Polling Day a public holiday and for state govt to declare the day before or the day after as a public holiday.

However it is heartening to note from netizens and on social media that ordinary citizens or voters are taking matters into their own hands to overcome this challenge seemingly put in their way by the Election Commission and are starting to organise themselves to go back to vote. One of which is to carpool to balik kampung to vote. We believe we will see more creative and helpful ways in the coming days.

We also like to say thank you to all the airline companies who has since before the announcements of dates, carried out their CSR to waive re-routing and re booking fees. ROSE hence urge those voters workingstudying outside of Sarawak to quickly book their air-tickets to come back home to vote. There are also initiatives started to give financial help to those coming back to sabah and sarawak to vote.

In line with ROSE’s vision of encouraging citizens participation in elections and democracy, we will be conducting a POLLING AGENT/COUNTING AGENT(PACA) training and refresher this Sunday 15th April 2018 at 1.30 pm at Good News Fellowship Community Hall at Green Heights, Kuching. To register for the workshop pls email to [email protected] or sms to 016-8604998. Those who wish to serve as PACA and make a difference in the marginal seats in Sarawak, do attend this training.

11th April 2018
End statement
For Media contact : Ann Teo 0168604998

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