Say YES to being a PACA volunteer for the 2016 Sarawak State Elections

The Sarawak State Elections are expected to be called within the first quarter of 2016, likely end of March 2016. Come election time, we will need TRUSTWORTHY, DEDICATED & INCORRUPTIBLE Polling Agents, Counting Agents & Booth Agents (PACABA) to combat the wave of election fraud. YOU can be the eyes, ears and mouth for the candidates that YOU believe in.

Basic training will be provided before you can volunteer as a PACA, but essentially the skills required include ability to read and write, simple mathematics (subtraction and addition), and a willing heart to serve your country. Stay tuned to our ROSE website or FACEBOOK page for upcoming training dates.

Say YES today and SIGN UP to be a PACA Volunteer in the Sarawak State Elections 2016!
Please make sure you fill in your contact details correctly.
Spread the word. Demi Ibu Pertiwiku!

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