N18 Serembu


Full Name : Athina Klaywa Sim

DOB : 24 May 1989

Highest Educational Qualification : LLB(HONS)

Political Party : Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)


Why did you decide to enter politics?

To continue to fight for the rights of our people especially the Dayaks


What is the fondest memory you have of your childhood?

Living in the kampung, going to school / returning from school by public bus alone at the age of 6.


If you are elected as our ADUN, which is the biggest issue that you would like to tackle first in YOUR constituency and how would you do it?

Basic amenities eg, street lights, better road access, water & electricity


What is your favourite Sarawakian food or drink?

Laksa Sarawak & ABC


Describe the Sarawak you want to see in 10 years.

I wanna see better development in rural areas, access road, basic amenities and facilities.  Eg. Water, electricity, education and health centre and sports/recreation centre. And better salary/income for home. Lesser jobless person. Increase of career opportunities in Sarawak.


Is there anything else you want to say to young voters?

Please please register up as a voter if you haven't done so. And kindly participate in our current political environment via many channels. Can always involved indirectly. Do not be afraid. Do vote wisely. Come home to vote as the future is yours and the benefit of our future generation! Stop sitting by the side line and ignore or complaining. Do something about it and be the change you wish to see. Thank you!!

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