N51 Bukit Assek


Full Name : Irene Mary Chang Oi Ling

DOB : 10 March 1965

Highest Educational Qualification : Tertiary - Bachelors of Law

Political Party : Democratic Action Party (DAP)


Why did you decide to enter politics?

Every citizen has a duty to contribute to the welfare of our country. The time is never so urgent as now that each able person should do all that he/she can, to save our ailing nation. Through politics, I hope to add on to the insufficient voice of righteousness and justice on this mountain which governs and influence the welfare of our people and our state and of our country, as a whole.


What is the fondest memory you have of your childhood?

My primary schooldays when we were all colour blind.


If you are elected as our ADUN, which is the biggest issue that you would like to tackle first in YOUR constituency and how would you do it?

I want to raise their self awareness on how to help themselves to raise their own standard of living as well as that of the whole state and country. I want to give them a voice in the state and to help them to know that every action of theirs count toward nation-building. To do this, I shall walk with them and shall engage them in dialogues and shall organise forums, whenever and wherever necessary.


What is your favourite Sarawakian food or drink?



Describe the Sarawak you want to see in 10 years.

A transformed Sarawak with good moral values and principles from the top seat of the state government to the last man on the street. A Sarawak which shall lead our nation, Malaysia to be a transformed nation of good moral values and principles.


Is there anything else you want to say to young voters?

Young people, you are all much needed in nation-building. Do not give up on our beloved state and country. And there is never too small a contribution which you can make for Sarawak. Rise up, for Sarawak and for Malaysia.

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