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Welcome to the official website for Rise of Social Efforts (ROSE)!

Before there was ROSE, there was simply a small group of ordinary Sarawakian citizens who wanted to be more proactively involved in the transformation of the wider community here in Sarawak but weren’t quite sure how to go about it.

The idea for ROSE was conceived in the months following the 13th Malaysian General Elections when a group of volunteer PACABA (Polling and Counting Agents) decided that this was the time for Action and not Dejection.

Given the vast ethnic and culture diversity of Sarawak, the desire to see Sarawak take on its full potential as a nation transformer cannot be realised without engaging with rural Sarawakians. Mindful of our ignorance of the conditions under which much of rural Sarawak still lives, the original band of seven urban Sarawakians stepped far out of our comfort zones and dove into unfamiliar waters – organizing familiarization visits to rural communities and forging ties with the people who live in these communities.

Today, this loose collective of ordinary citizens has evolved into Rise of Social Efforts (ROSE), a non-partisan civil action group made up of ordinary Sarawakians whose aim is to build a society where ordinary people participate and engage in our country's democratic process and hence take part in nation-building. 

Our Mission

Empower Sarawakians to exercise their democratic rights through education and advocacy for clean and fair elections 

Our Vision

To see Sarawakians participate and engage in the democratic process necessary in the building of Malaysia

We at ROSE  invite you to join us in our journey to transform Ibu Pertiwiku!


Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

If Not Now, When?

If Not Us, Who?

Join Us!